FMC’s Board of Directors

FMC’s Board of Directors consists of venture capitalists and experienced senior executives with successful track records in the semiconductor industry: Dr. Paul-Josef Patt as chairman, Yann Fiebig, Hans Rohrer and Adam A. Kablanian.

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Ferroelectric Memory Company (FMC) announces new CEO

FMC is announcing the appointment of Ali Pourkeramati as Chief Executive Officer effective from September 15th 2019 and the appointment of Dr. Stefan Müller as Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Müller will focus on technology development which is essential for the success of the company. Mr. Pourkeramati, who was COO of the company, will take over the CEO position. The company will continue to focus on the development of its technology and is looking forward to a successful future.

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About FMC

The Ferroelectric Memory Company is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as by the European Social Fund under the grant “EXIST Forschungstransfer”.